Alexa Drew Photography: Blog en-us (C) Alexa Drew Photography (Alexa Drew Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:55:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:55:00 GMT Alexa Drew Photography: Blog 84 120 Introducing {Baby Reuben} At only a few days old Reuben had the thickest head of hair and this adorable little grin when he fell asleep.  We loved photographing him with his new Mom and Dad.  There was this beautiful calm about the whole afternoon, and Reuben even woke up for a few minutes and let us photograph his gorgeous big eyes.  Mazel tov!! :)

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Introducing {Baby Aiden} Okay I'll admit it.  This introduction is a bit late.  Aiden isn't really a baby-baby anymore.  He's an 8 month old little man with lots of personality and this really fun giggle.  But, I'm alright with a little nostalgia today to look back to a time when Aiden was only days old and just arriving home from the hospital. 

Even at only a few days old he had these great, big inquisitive eyes.  He had a point of view, it seemed, and definitely wasn't afraid to show it. 

Meet, Aiden...




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Introducing {Baby Ellie} On the hottest day of the summer I decided to do a little throwback to a chillier and snowier day.  This past winter I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous family and their newest addition.  I talk about this session often because it was particularly special for me...

I always say I feel profoundly honored to have this job as a newborn photographer.  Parents invite me into their homes only days after giving birth to their babies.  For many of my clients, this is their first baby which means they are still cozying up to their new titles as "mom" and "dad".  It can be an intense time.  An unbelievably exciting time but, let's be real.  There's a lot going on!

There are tons of people around including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  Everyone is so thrilled and excited to meet the newest addition to their family.  They want to kiss and hold the new baby, take their own photos, and offer help to the new parents any way they can -  changing diapers, buying diapers, running washes, preparing meals.

But when I arrive at my client's home, the entourage begins to leave so we can focus on photographing the nuclear family.  So now,  the hustling and busting home is filled with just Mom, Dad, Baby, and me.  The home is now quiet.  The energy of new parenthood is still pulsating throughout, but it's now a gentler energy.  A more reflective energy.  

I seat Mom and Dad on the bed, with one of them holding their baby.  I ask them to sneak a kiss.  I snap a photo.  I ask them to look down at their baby.  I snap a photo.  And then I ask them to look at each other.

Dad looks at Mom.  Mom looks at Dad.  And there's this exhale.  A drop of the shoulders and a slow grin that begins to grow across both of their faces.  

"We did it", he whispers to her.  "We did it".

My heart melts.  I snap a photo.



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Baby Cora {Cake Smash} After photographing this gorgeous family for their holiday card back in the Fall, I was doing a serious happy dance when I heard I'd have the opportunity to see them again - this time for Cora's first birthday!  To celebrate, Mom put together the most gorgeous pink and gold themed set, ordered a delicious cake, and of course tied it all together with the happy baby and big sis.

Happy First Birthday, Cora!





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Introducing {Baby Gavin} Baby Gavin is up on the blog - cuter than ever and celebrating his first ever Chanukah at three weeks old!  Happy Chanukah little man!








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Introducing {Baby Micah} This little one's eyes make me melt.  Welcome to the world, Micah!






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Alvarez {Family Portraits} And here is the final family of the my one day Multi-Family photo shoot.  As I mentioned in my first post, this was truly an awesome day and having this family wrap it up was nothing short of amazing.  When we first started we found this cobblestone street to snap some brother/sister pictures and they started giggling and playing ring around the rosie.  I would have melted if it wasn't bitterly cold out :)

Meet, the Alvarez Family!


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Garfola {Family Portraits} Here is the second family of the Mulit-Family Photo shoot I told you all about earlier this week.  There's nothing better than a family who goes all out with props and outfits.  This bunch makes me melt!

Meet, The Garfola Family!


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Clift {Family Portraits} I recently did my first ever multi-family photoshoot.  It all started with one mom contacting me to book a holiday/first birthday photoshoot for her family.  We chose a date, talked through some ideas, and I thought that was that.  She then e-mailed me again asking if I had any interest in photographing two of her friend's families that day too - YESYESYES!

It was seriously the best day ever.  We picked one central location in Hoboken and each family took a one hour time slot.  It was pretty much just a three hour cuteness parade.

Since then this is ALL I have wanted to book - multi family photo shoots.  It makes total sense.  You have an adorable family.  You have friends who have adorable families.  Why don't you team up to book a shoot all together and save some cash off my regular family session prices?

Any takers?  Send me a note and we can set it up!

Meet the Clift Family and wish their sweet little boy a Happy First Birthday!


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Introducing {Baby James} Newborn Photography: totally one of my favorites!  I typically photograph those sessions between 3 and 10 days after delivery.  Most of my clients contact me while they're pregnant, we set a date, and then they e-mail me when they're in labor to confirm our date or maybe move it if they are delivering past the due date.  I have it down to a really nice system to make sure I capture the first 3 to 10 days of life.

James' Mom and Dad contacted me about a week after he was born so we scheduled a date pretty immediately so we could still photograph him within the first few weeks after birth. I always tell my clients there's never really a right or wrong time to schedule a photo shoot with your newborn.  He or she will be the most adorable thing in the whole wide world no matter how many weeks or months.

So we scheduled the shoot, but unfortunately had to push it back for various reasons until he was just about 1 month old.

What this meant was the day of our shoot James was an energetic little man by then who was not interested in missing out when company was over!  And what that meant for me was I got to photograph his GORGEOUS blue eyes all day.  About an hour into the shoot James was not tiring up, which was totally fine but meant we should start getting a bit creative.

I asked James' mom, Lindsey, if she'd like to breastfeed James while I photographed.  Lindsey and James' Dad Andrew shared a glance and then a nod, and told me that would be fine.

I stayed in the back of their bedroom while they set themselves up - Andrew helped Lindsey get situated while I began snapping away.  Pretty immediately I realized this was probably the most beautiful few minutes of any newborn shoot I had ever photographed.  The scene of Andrew helping Lindsey get comfortable.  James latching on and me seeing his whole body totally relax.  I got up close to Lindsey and there was this ethereal energy that set in across the entire room.

After a few minutes of photographing I showed Lindsey one of the photos of her breastfeeding and she said what I felt was the most magical few words: "That's what it looks like?  It's beautiful".

I got a chill up and down my body hearing that.  I had two feelings: 1) This is why I am a photographer.  This right here.  The ability to show people the beauty in what may feel like something not so beautiful and 2) Gratitude.  I couldn't get over how much gratitude I felt to this family for letting me peek into their own very private little world for a few hours.  My clients put this enormous trust in me to handle their very small little creations and to photograph something so intimate.

Thank you Bez Family.  I can't wait to see you all again and photograph many more happy occasions in your lives.

Introducing, Baby James...   






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Life of Jacob {A Torah Dedication Ceremony} A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a Torah Dedication Ceremony at The Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park, NYC.  I didn’t know too many details of the event leading up to the day but it didn't sound too crazy.  A Torah would be written. I’d take my photos.  And that was that.

Not exactly.

I have never had a more visceral and emotional response to a photo shoot.  The entire day felt nothing like a job but more like an honor.  It was three hours of continuous “ah-ha” moments for why I do what I do.  At every turn I thought, “this is why I am a photographer”.

I don’t know if it was the energy in the air from Sukkas all week or the upcoming holiday of Simchas Torah that got me all into Torahs but there were so many times throughout this ceremony I felt my heart drop down to my stomach and had to wipe tears off my face before snapping my next photograph.

I have attempted to write this blog post numerous times to no avail.  It felt challenging to string together words that captured the essence of the ceremony.  And then I read Jacob Kamaras article he wrote for

Jacob is the grandson and namesake of the man this Torah was written in honor of: Sgt. Jacob Kamaras, z"l (US Army Corps 1942 - 1945).  Jacob's father Phillip experienced the death of his father when he was only 8 years old and this Torah was writen in honor of his 50th yartzheit.  The torah took one year for the sofer (scribe) to write.  Upon completion at this ceremony it was presented to the US Military and will now ride aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford(CVN-78) aircraft to be used by Jews serving in the military.

I have provided the link to the article below because it so perfectly summarizes this meaningful day. 

It turns out it was possible to string together words to capture the essence of the ceremony and I wasn't about to try and beat this:





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{Headshots} for Kristen Meet Kristen.  She is the Director of Partnership Development at at Thompson Reuters and felt her LinkedIn profile of her holding a softball bat didn't exactly do her big fancy job title much justice.

So we scheduled a headshot session and met on Canal street to do some old fashion NYC exploring.  Our photo shoot took us from the cobblestone streets of SoHo to the lights and carnival games of the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy.  I think with Fashion Week in the air Kristen found her inner model and totally worked it.  I am actually obsessed with these photos!

I can't wait to see which one she ends up using for her profile and which she just prints out to hang in her office to brag to her friends of her fierce modeling ways.

xo, Alexa 



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Please Do Feed the Models {8 Days Young} You know that weird slogan that was put on t-shirts for a while about not feeding models?  Newborn Photography is the poster child for why that slogan is just so false.  While tiny and fragile, newborns are models too and they, most definitely, need to be fed.  And often.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ayla and her proud parents for a newborn shoot.  Ayla was only 8 days old at the time, the perfect age for a newborn shoot because babies still have that soft fuzz on their skin and are super sleepy.  But as with all babies, at really any age, they get hungry.  And they get hungry often.

That's why one of my main suggestions for a newborn shoot is "Feed the Model".  The model is the boss at a newborn shoot, and when she's hungry it's best to feed her.  At this particular newborn shoot we got into this sweet little groove - we kind of did this 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off thing between feeding and photographing.

It worked like a charm.

We listened to Ayla and when she got a little nudgy or started sucking on her dads forearm we took the hint she was due for a snack.

I've said before that what makes a newborn session your session are those little quirks or unpredictable moments that happen.  It may be your baby pooping, peeing, or crying when all we want her to do is sleep soundly.  Sometimes it's those things happening separately; other times it's this magical little trifecta happening all at once.

What I can assure you is that if your baby is well fed, all of those unpredictable moments will be made a lot more manageable.  They will still happen, but we'll be able to rebound and move forward that much more seamlessly.  A full baby is a happy baby, even if the feeding is the factor that leads to those unpredictable messy moments. :)

While Ayla was the poster child for why you should "Feed the Models" her mom and dad were the poster parents for how to approach a newborn shoot: with a sense of ease and a sense of humor. They understood the basic motions of their baby but didn't expect to follow a stringent schedule.  We took our time, had some fun, and along the way naturally figured out a schedule that worked for us.  In the end we were able to capture those precious and real moments of their family.












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{Headshots} for Ivy I had the pleasure recently of photographing Ivy.  She works in sales and needed some professional and stylish looking photos for LinkedIn and to use for presentations at work.  We met at her apartment one night to take pictures on her spectacular rooftop and then headed over to Washington Square Park.  Her little chihuahua made some cameo shots too!  Check em out...


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Baby Elena {1 Month Young} I've never been too big on photographing landscapes or nature.  Architecture?  Same thing.  Not really my driving force when it comes to photography.  There are certainly times I feel inspired by an inanimate object and take out my camera to capture it.  It's not that I don't appreciate the beauty in those things.  It's more that I've never really woken up thinking "today I'm going to photograph flowers".  It's just not me.

I'm a people photographer. 

People.  That's my driving force when it comes to photography.  

People have warmth.  They feel love and show kindness.  And if you're lucky, you somehow figure out how to translate that into a photo.

One of my favorite parts of this particular session with the Seeley's was one simple exchange between Christina and Tom, Elena and Ryans' Mom and Dad.  Christina said something to Tom that I actually did not hear - all I heard was Tom's gentle reply: "This is our life honey - this is what it looks like".  They shared a laugh and continued playing, kissing, and laughing with their children as I clicked away at my camera.

This simple exchange is why I do what I do.

There is no perfect session, thank G-d.  The imperfections make the session YOUR session.  Your baby may will start to cry.  She'll look up at you and somehow at 1 month old you can tell she's thinking "Ma, I have no interest in being swaddled, wearing this headband, or being placed in this wicker basket".  She'll spit up.  She'll have this wild boost of energy you have never seen in her at the exact moment we're trying to coax her to sleep.  Her big brother will want to play a game on your cell phone when we want to take a family portrait.  Then he'll get hungry for ice cream.

When all this is happening, you're actually doing the whole lifestyle session thing right.  This is what your session is supposed to be!  There's a reason I don't show up to your house with a backdrop and studio lighting.  Because that's not life.

Even when life is loud and hectic and unpredictable, it is beautiful.

This blog post features the Seeley family.  They welcomed their new baby/little sister Elana just one month ago, saw my work off a Yelp review and invited me into their home to do a newborn session.

Thanks Seeley family - it was a perfect afternoon!















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Fuel to Do Good I was asked recently by a friend to take photos of her and her friend for a fundraising event they are hosting together. I was excited for the shoot because it was the first time I'd put my new 50mm 1.4 lens to work for portraits and because I have photographed Danyelle before and she is a serious natural in front of the camera.  The weather was supposed to be a bit overcast which is a perfect condition for a 12:30pm photo shoot, when direct sunlight can usually be tricky to work through. It had all the ingredients to be a great, great session.  

It turned out that morning I woke up with my spirits not as high and energetic as they usually are the morning of a shoot.  Just two days earlier my friend's mother, who had been battling a really horrific illness, passed away.  My heart had a heaviness to it.  I was going to Brooklyn that afternoon to pay a shiva call and I honestly woke up just wanting to get the pictures done so I could go see my friend already.  

When Danyelle originally asked me to take the photos she just said it was for her "charity event".  I was invited to the event myself since I am friends with Danyelle from our college days so I should have realized then what it was for.  But for some reason, until I physically approached the location of the shoot with my camera in hand, it just didn't dawn on me.

But as I walked up and looked at these two beautiful women standing in front of me fixing their hair and adjusting their dresses, I remembered - the charity event they are hosting is to raise money for The Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer and The Lung Cancer Foundation of America.  Those two charities are particularly close to their hearts because they each lost a parent to each of the diseases.  Danyelle is living without a Dad while Ashley is living without a Mom.  I looked at them in amazement, borrowed Ashley's coat because I didn't realize how cold it was outside when I got dressed that morning, and we got started.

The photo shoot was amazing.  The girls were confident, beautiful, and hilarious.  The lens did exactly what I was told it could do when I bought it.   And the overcast was just lovely.  A bit chilly, albeit, but lovely.

We wrapped up the shoot and went on our ways.  They were going to some fabulous event out in Jersey together and I was headed to Brooklyn to see my friend.

The shiva call was hard.  When you have only seen a person smile it's really hard to see them cry.  I came home with an emptiness and a hopeless feeling of "there is no way to fix this."

I promised Danyelle and Ashley some sneak peeks and since I usually like to turn around edited pictures really quickly I gathered myself together and started editing.  

As I started going through all the pictures I had a few pretty immediate and strong reactions: 1) This lens was worth every penny and 2) These girls are gorgeous.

But the strongest was the third.  

3) This day seemed like this weird puzzle.  A puzzle I wish never existed in the first place.  I hate this puzzle.  But it's a puzzle.  And the pieces, like with all puzzles, seem to fit together.

I was looking at these photos and realizing I was looking into my friend's future.  These girls were once where she was on that very day.  They cried at no warning.  They had loved ones, family, and friends funneling in and out of their homes offering condolences.  They had puffy eyes and no appetite.  They felt their lives would make more sense if it all just turned out to be a dream.  They were sad; a kind of sad where they didn't even know the feeling existed until they felt it for themselves.

But today, look at them!  No seriously, scroll down and look at them.  They're not just living.  They. Are Living.  They are laughing.  They are smiling.  They are loving.  They are exploring.  They are growing.  And they are doing.  Not just doing stuff, they are doing incredible stuff.  They are taking these unbelievably unthinkable experiences in their lives and they are using it as fuel to do good.

Out of all the weekends I wondered why this photo shoot happened to be on this very day.  It all just seemed to intertwine; to fit together in this really unfortunate way.  A puzzle where I would rather the pieces had never even existed.  But here they are.  Sitting in front of me.  Waiting for me to assemble them.

These girls are what make the world go round.  They make people like my friend see there is light; there is lightness within the darkness and there is warmth after the cold.  Even if it seems spring just doesn't even exist anymore in this world, it will come.  Spring will come.  

Hats off to you, ladies.  For not just taking these terrible events in your lives and using them for ways to bring some light into this world, but for being an inspiration to others who need to see what is ahead of them.  And ahead of them is life. 

To buy tickets for this event and support Danyelle and Ashley's efforts, click here. #battlingback


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Baby Caleb {TBT} Way back in January I had my first photo shoot of 2014 and it was overflowing with cute.  Vanessa and Aaron welcomed their first baby (on his late grandma's birthday) and I had the pleasure of meeting the little guy within his first two weeks.  Mom and Dad looked like seasoned professionals and Caleb was camera ready and absolutely adorable.

There were a lot of firsts in this photo shoot but I'm hoping it was the first of many photo shoots with Caleb and other 2 week old cutiepies this year.

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Jess + Brian {I Do's at The Bowery} From the minute Jess and Brian's wedding day kicked off there were smiles all around.  And those smiles didn't tire...ever.  

Jess and Brian are the kind of couple who radiate love and surround themselves with people who celebrate love.  Their entire day had this incredible energy - their friends were good drinkers, good laughers, good dancers, and good partiers.  Pretty much exactly what you're lookin for in a guest list!  

From the dress to the exposed brick venue, to the music, and the tiered cupcake tower, the whole day was just perfect.  Absolutely perfect and exactly what these two deserved.

Jess and Brian - you got the sweaty 90's dancing party you were looking for.  Except this was a 90's dance party with an unbelievable amount of class, style, joy, and love.  

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.  Xoxo.

A must needed photo-op with one half of the "Mary Kate and Ashley" feline duo.

We had a little visit from about 8 firetrucks - no complaints here.  Look at this photo op!!





Jess and Brian's friend officiated their wedding, adding that perfectly personal touch to the service.






Venue: The Bowery Hotel | Wedding Planner:  Just About Married / Anna Leath | Make-up:  Danielle Kull | Hair: Clara Purvis | DJ: AVC Music/Danny Gee | Video: Event Video | Cake: Butter Lane Bakery | Flowers: Verbena

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Koren's in the Park There's something about sisters. 

The older sister is the protector. She's the shower of things and teacher of tricks. The younger sister looks up in awe at her big sister. She studies every move in amazement and wonderment. She's the silly goose and the adventurer. Then there's the Mom of sisters. She is strong and warm. The eternal healer. The knower of answers to all questions. She empowers her daughters to be kind and strong. She shows them they are the two best friends each will ever have.  And finally there's the Dad of sisters. A man who never knew he could tie a bow around a ponytail or braid hair but does so willingly and lovingly. His heart melts each time either one throws their skinny arms around his neck and plants the biggest kiss right smack on his lips. They are his girls.

There is so something about sisters.



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Rhein Family | Westchester, NY This family photo shoot started off just like any other - family of four: mom, dad, two adorable little boys.  As the day approached, however, the family seemed to a family of 14.  Word got out there was a photographer heading to Westchester and the whole mishpacha wanted in.

The story starts with two twin sisters.  They are sweet, fashionable, and have the quickest wits.  They each get married.  Each couple has kids.  Those kids get married and some of them have kids.  So here they are: this big group of moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandmas, and grandpas.  And me.  Little old me with the biggest, silliest grin on my face running around trying to decipher which son goes with which mom and which husband goes with which sister and which grandson belonges to which grandmother.  All while trying to steady my camera while giggling so hard at the boys throwing piles of leaves on their grandmas heads; grandmas are beaming with joy the entire time.  

And then I catch my breath long enough to look around at this family overflowing with love and laughter and wonder how I got so lucky to be the one to photograph them.


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Sleepless in Hoboken In the three hours I spent with this family, Lily maybe slept for 7 minutes of it.  But you know what?  If I had eyes as beautiful and bright as hers I doubt I would ever close them when a camera was nearby either.  Respect, Lily.  Respect.

Stephen and Michelle welcomed baby Lily a mere ten weeks ago, and this little nugget has developed the cutest little case of FOMO (fear of missing out) I have ever seen.  She didn't miss a beat! By the end of this session it was settled - blondes and brunettes, move over.  It's red heads who have more fun.
Please meet Lily and her proud Mama and Papa, Michelle and Stephen below...
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Mazel Tov Rob and Rachel! Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the engagement party of Rob and Rachel.  Family members and friends traveled from far and wide to celebrate the couples engagement and celebrate they did:

The party began with fingers crossed that Mother Nature would appease us all and hold in the rain to allow for maximum celebration.  All in all, the bash was set under dry skies, with drinks and conversation flowing freely throughout the party.  After some time, the iPod speakers were traded in for an accordion player and violinist who took the stage to swiftly shift the party into full gear.  Family members and guests gathered in front of the small band to partake in dancing and singing to traditional yiddish songs that everyone, amazingly, new all the words to.  Breaks were taken only when moms, dads, uncles, and friends would take the stage to express their love for the couple and explain why the two were perfect for each other.  "L'Chaim" (to life!) everyone exclaimed at the wrap up of each speech and sips of drinks were enjoyed by all.

Cut to Rob taking the mic for the third time to proclaim his undying love and absolute amazement and admiration for his bride-to-be.  "Rachel is AWESOME" he would announce and the party would cheer and raise their glasses in agreement.  Booming laughter and singing were the soundtracks of the night, but quiet glances shared between the couple and kisses exchanged generously throughout the party showed me what the cause of all this celebration was truly for. 

I walked out of this party with my camera filled to the brim with pictures and with the realization of "this is why I am a photographer".  There is nothing else I find more rewarding than being around people celebrating love.  Having the the task of documenting it all is something I cherish deeply.

Rob and Rachel, I wish you only the best and hope that the love that you share for each other continues to grow and grow!


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Conquering the Pesach Sweet Tooth This weekend wrapped up what I would refer to as the easiest chametz free Passover in all of my years.  Every year for Passover, Jews around the world rid their diets of any leavened foods and trade in their slices of bread for pieces of matzah.  I knew that I wouldn't have too much trouble with the staple meals but also knew that it would be my sweet tooth that would be the tricky one.  Instead of staring longingly at my coworkers munching on delicious chametz filled cookies all day at work, I decided to get a little crafty and supply myself with Kosher for Passover and 100% homemade deliciousness all week long. To the blog world I went and found two of the most delicious recipes that I knew would settle my cravings throughout the week:  Coconut Macaroons and Peppermint Patties.  

This recipe by Gina from Skinny Taste seriously couldn't be any easier.  All you do is combine the coconut flakes with egg whites, and sugar in a saucepan and let simmer until the smell of sweet coconut is too overwhelming delicious that you literally need to turn off the flame before you bust.  Let the mixture cool down in the fridge for a few hours while you help yourself to licking the bowl clean and spraying down a tin foil lined baking sheet with nonstick spray. Separate the mixture into small spoonfuls and bake those bad boys for a half hour or until golden brown  


  • 3/4 cup (5 large) egg whites
  • 2/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 10 oz sweetened coconut flakes (Baker's)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon  
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


I hope Gina doesn't mind but I swapped out the almond extract for some cinnamon, simply because that is what I had in my pantry.  I was also a little overzealous with the coconut flakes.  To be completely honest, I couldn't figure out what 10 oz was with my measuring cups so used the whole Bakers bag minus 2 cups (I am a very scientific baker as you can see).  Despite my lack of precision and ingredient swap, the end product turned out to be delicious!   Beautifully golden, perfectly cocounty, and 100% kosher for Passover.  


Once I checked off "Classic Passover Dessert" from my list I figured I would venture to a bit more of an out of the box Passover snack: Homemade Peppermint Patties (cue the gasps).  I'll be honest, I have never been a minty dessert fan.  I think that as a child eating dessert with a flavor reminiscent of brushing my teeth was off-putting.  Unfortunately that sentiment stuck with me into adulthood until recently when I munched on a York Peppermint Patty and my anti mint dessert days were officially behind me.  The minute I sunk my teeth into that smooth, refreshing mint covered in bitter, crunchy, decadent dark chocolate I was absolutely hooked (that commercial is unassumingly relatable).  While my mind was being blown by minty goodness, the baker in me was growing curious.  I stared inquisitively at that mint desperate for an explanation and a challenge.


Once again, off to the blog world I went to find out how to make em myself.  Enter Tara of Smells Like Home.  She posted a beautiful homemade peppermint patty recipe that had my taste buds racing with excitement upon my first read.  The recipe, my friends, delivered in taste.  No doubt about it.  I had mint and chocolate in my belly for the next week, not to mention the bellies of all of my coworkers.  We were swimming in minty chocolatey goodness and couldn't be happier.


You'll notice though that there are no pictures posted of the peppermint patties.  I may have to wait until my second stab at the recipe before posting because unfortunately my chocolate never actually set.  The patties all week were a bit on the mushy side (no complaints, mushy chocolate is just as delicious as crunchy chocolate).  But there was a little bit of trickiness in getting them off of the bottom of the container every day which often times resulted in messy semi whole patties being handed out haphazardly to curious taste testers.  Plus mint chocolate being meticulously cleaned off of fingernails and backs of hands (by cleaned I mean eaten...I'm not proud).  So to the kitchen I will go again to take  another stab at this recipe, with high hopes of getting my chocolate to set and flaunting some finished products on the blog.  If homegirl wants to throw me a line on how to get my chocolate to that beautiful crunchiness as seen in her picture I am all ears, by the way.  But at the end of the day it is the taste that counts and as far as flavor is concerned, A+ to the peppermint patties.  They were as delicious as they were messy and there is not one thing wrong with.


And as the end of Passover approached and that first bite of tortilla chip crunched in my mouth (I broke my Passover with mexican food to celebrate my roommates birthday) I smiled at the thought of Passover being such a beautiful and delicious success this year.  I loved taking on the challenges of baking kosher and delicious sweets for this holiday and appreciated all of my hungry friends who were happy to get a sugar high with me before 10 a.m.  But now that Moses has officially parted that sea and my people were given the time to let that damn yeast rise, by G-d I will too.  Let the bread baking and beer drinking commence!  Until next time...

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The Love Competition Originally found on my very dear friend Dallas' blog, this 15 minute video is simple in nature but an unbelievably powerful portrayal of the spectrum of love.  Take a look for yourself...The Love Competition


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From East to West About 6 weeks ago my best friend/roommate, Tara, mentioned that we should try to plan a trip to get out of the city for President's day weekend.  We have recently transitioned from commuters to full blown city dwellers and spent this passed holiday season taking in our new digs and urban surroundings.  It was time to take our adventures out of New York.  After a few minutes of passing cities back and forth one of us mentioned San Francisco and within minutes we had confirmation e-mails that our flight was booked.  The planning happened that fast and the trip seemed to fly by even faster.  From the food, to the people, to the weather, to the food, you could say that Tara and I felt more than comfortable in this city. 

This cable car ride MADE Tara's day.  The museum made mine!

Alcatraz behind bars... Tara and I didn't end up visiting Alcatraz because apparently you need to book your tour crazy in advance.  If you're going to SF though, I would totally do it.  That is the one thing I regret.  But we did see it from the bridge as well as pass it while riding the ferry.  So we can't complain :)

Weber_Frank-065 20140926-Italy with Simon 2014-IMG_8948 Gordon-Smith 23 Syros party 573 harris-swiatocha-167-web Take a look at the most amazing seafood that you will EVER eat right down there.  No seriously, if you travel to San Francisco visiting Swan Oyster Depot is an absolute must.  See we couldn't even wait to eat two of those oysters before we snapped this picture.  The three hours that we waited were totally worth the mounds of delicious seafood that we shoveled into our hungry little mouths the minute we sat at that booth.  Plus the staff is as friendly and warm as their seafood is fresh and tasty.
And a few of me taken by my second photog, Tara. Oh hayy!

VF6C5913 All in all, San Francisco proved to be an absolutely magical city - can't wait to return!

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