From East to West

March 04, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

About 6 weeks ago my best friend/roommate, Tara, mentioned that we should try to plan a trip to get out of the city for President's day weekend.  We have recently transitioned from commuters to full blown city dwellers and spent this passed holiday season taking in our new digs and urban surroundings.  It was time to take our adventures out of New York.  After a few minutes of passing cities back and forth one of us mentioned San Francisco and within minutes we had confirmation e-mails that our flight was booked.  The planning happened that fast and the trip seemed to fly by even faster.  From the food, to the people, to the weather, to the food, you could say that Tara and I felt more than comfortable in this city. 

This cable car ride MADE Tara's day.  The museum made mine!

Alcatraz behind bars... Tara and I didn't end up visiting Alcatraz because apparently you need to book your tour crazy in advance.  If you're going to SF though, I would totally do it.  That is the one thing I regret.  But we did see it from the bridge as well as pass it while riding the ferry.  So we can't complain :)

Weber_Frank-065 20140926-Italy with Simon 2014-IMG_8948 Gordon-Smith 23 Syros party 573 harris-swiatocha-167-web Take a look at the most amazing seafood that you will EVER eat right down there.  No seriously, if you travel to San Francisco visiting Swan Oyster Depot is an absolute must.  See we couldn't even wait to eat two of those oysters before we snapped this picture.  The three hours that we waited were totally worth the mounds of delicious seafood that we shoveled into our hungry little mouths the minute we sat at that booth.  Plus the staff is as friendly and warm as their seafood is fresh and tasty.
And a few of me taken by my second photog, Tara. Oh hayy!

VF6C5913 All in all, San Francisco proved to be an absolutely magical city - can't wait to return!


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