Mazel Tov Rob and Rachel!

June 04, 2012  •  2 Comments

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the engagement party of Rob and Rachel.  Family members and friends traveled from far and wide to celebrate the couples engagement and celebrate they did:

The party began with fingers crossed that Mother Nature would appease us all and hold in the rain to allow for maximum celebration.  All in all, the bash was set under dry skies, with drinks and conversation flowing freely throughout the party.  After some time, the iPod speakers were traded in for an accordion player and violinist who took the stage to swiftly shift the party into full gear.  Family members and guests gathered in front of the small band to partake in dancing and singing to traditional yiddish songs that everyone, amazingly, new all the words to.  Breaks were taken only when moms, dads, uncles, and friends would take the stage to express their love for the couple and explain why the two were perfect for each other.  "L'Chaim" (to life!) everyone exclaimed at the wrap up of each speech and sips of drinks were enjoyed by all.

Cut to Rob taking the mic for the third time to proclaim his undying love and absolute amazement and admiration for his bride-to-be.  "Rachel is AWESOME" he would announce and the party would cheer and raise their glasses in agreement.  Booming laughter and singing were the soundtracks of the night, but quiet glances shared between the couple and kisses exchanged generously throughout the party showed me what the cause of all this celebration was truly for. 

I walked out of this party with my camera filled to the brim with pictures and with the realization of "this is why I am a photographer".  There is nothing else I find more rewarding than being around people celebrating love.  Having the the task of documenting it all is something I cherish deeply.

Rob and Rachel, I wish you only the best and hope that the love that you share for each other continues to grow and grow!



These are amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!
Hi Alexa, thank you so much for being not just our photographer but part of our family too!
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