Koren's in the Park

November 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

There's something about sisters. 

The older sister is the protector. She's the shower of things and teacher of tricks. The younger sister looks up in awe at her big sister. She studies every move in amazement and wonderment. She's the silly goose and the adventurer. Then there's the Mom of sisters. She is strong and warm. The eternal healer. The knower of answers to all questions. She empowers her daughters to be kind and strong. She shows them they are the two best friends each will ever have.  And finally there's the Dad of sisters. A man who never knew he could tie a bow around a ponytail or braid hair but does so willingly and lovingly. His heart melts each time either one throws their skinny arms around his neck and plants the biggest kiss right smack on his lips. They are his girls.

There is so something about sisters.




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