Introducing {Baby James}

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Newborn Photography: totally one of my favorites!  I typically photograph those sessions between 3 and 10 days after delivery.  Most of my clients contact me while they're pregnant, we set a date, and then they e-mail me when they're in labor to confirm our date or maybe move it if they are delivering past the due date.  I have it down to a really nice system to make sure I capture the first 3 to 10 days of life.

James' Mom and Dad contacted me about a week after he was born so we scheduled a date pretty immediately so we could still photograph him within the first few weeks after birth. I always tell my clients there's never really a right or wrong time to schedule a photo shoot with your newborn.  He or she will be the most adorable thing in the whole wide world no matter how many weeks or months.

So we scheduled the shoot, but unfortunately had to push it back for various reasons until he was just about 1 month old.

What this meant was the day of our shoot James was an energetic little man by then who was not interested in missing out when company was over!  And what that meant for me was I got to photograph his GORGEOUS blue eyes all day.  About an hour into the shoot James was not tiring up, which was totally fine but meant we should start getting a bit creative.

I asked James' mom, Lindsey, if she'd like to breastfeed James while I photographed.  Lindsey and James' Dad Andrew shared a glance and then a nod, and told me that would be fine.

I stayed in the back of their bedroom while they set themselves up - Andrew helped Lindsey get situated while I began snapping away.  Pretty immediately I realized this was probably the most beautiful few minutes of any newborn shoot I had ever photographed.  The scene of Andrew helping Lindsey get comfortable.  James latching on and me seeing his whole body totally relax.  I got up close to Lindsey and there was this ethereal energy that set in across the entire room.

After a few minutes of photographing I showed Lindsey one of the photos of her breastfeeding and she said what I felt was the most magical few words: "That's what it looks like?  It's beautiful".

I got a chill up and down my body hearing that.  I had two feelings: 1) This is why I am a photographer.  This right here.  The ability to show people the beauty in what may feel like something not so beautiful and 2) Gratitude.  I couldn't get over how much gratitude I felt to this family for letting me peek into their own very private little world for a few hours.  My clients put this enormous trust in me to handle their very small little creations and to photograph something so intimate.

Thank you Bez Family.  I can't wait to see you all again and photograph many more happy occasions in your lives.

Introducing, Baby James...   







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