Baby Elena {1 Month Young}

April 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I've never been too big on photographing landscapes or nature.  Architecture?  Same thing.  Not really my driving force when it comes to photography.  There are certainly times I feel inspired by an inanimate object and take out my camera to capture it.  It's not that I don't appreciate the beauty in those things.  It's more that I've never really woken up thinking "today I'm going to photograph flowers".  It's just not me.

I'm a people photographer. 

People.  That's my driving force when it comes to photography.  

People have warmth.  They feel love and show kindness.  And if you're lucky, you somehow figure out how to translate that into a photo.

One of my favorite parts of this particular session with the Seeley's was one simple exchange between Christina and Tom, Elena and Ryans' Mom and Dad.  Christina said something to Tom that I actually did not hear - all I heard was Tom's gentle reply: "This is our life honey - this is what it looks like".  They shared a laugh and continued playing, kissing, and laughing with their children as I clicked away at my camera.

This simple exchange is why I do what I do.

There is no perfect session, thank G-d.  The imperfections make the session YOUR session.  Your baby may will start to cry.  She'll look up at you and somehow at 1 month old you can tell she's thinking "Ma, I have no interest in being swaddled, wearing this headband, or being placed in this wicker basket".  She'll spit up.  She'll have this wild boost of energy you have never seen in her at the exact moment we're trying to coax her to sleep.  Her big brother will want to play a game on your cell phone when we want to take a family portrait.  Then he'll get hungry for ice cream.

When all this is happening, you're actually doing the whole lifestyle session thing right.  This is what your session is supposed to be!  There's a reason I don't show up to your house with a backdrop and studio lighting.  Because that's not life.

Even when life is loud and hectic and unpredictable, it is beautiful.

This blog post features the Seeley family.  They welcomed their new baby/little sister Elana just one month ago, saw my work off a Yelp review and invited me into their home to do a newborn session.

Thanks Seeley family - it was a perfect afternoon!
















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