Dinner Reservations

  • Copenhagen

    • Saturday, the 20th: Kadeau, 12:15

    • Saturday, the 20th: PONY, 21:00

    • Food trucks one day for luncg



  • Carlton Guldsmeden (Vesterbrogade 66, Copenhagen 1620, Denmark)





  • Minimal: estaurant bills normally include a service charge and taxi drivers don't expect a tip, although it's customary to round up the amount.



  • Trendy areas: Nørrebro and Vesterbro, both of which are walkable from the middle of the city and have some seriously cool shops and restaurants. More centrally, Studiostræde is the heart of the university district and home to lots of fashionable shops, bookstores and cafes.



  • Best Bakery chain: Lagkaghuset, amazing coffee for Rach

  • Smørrebrød: simple, but delicious, Danish delicacy.  Open sandwiches

  • Street Food on Papirøen

  • Cafe Laekkerier (lunch)

  • Restaurant BioM (good for brunch)

  • Dome of Visions

  • Relæ

  • Geist

  • Host

  • Alberto K

  • PONY (saturday night reservation)

  • Restaurant AOC

  • Marv & Ben

  • Manfreds & vin

  • Paustian & schonnemann

  • Dyrehaven for smorrebrod

  • Kadeau

  • Kødbyens Fiskebar: stripped-back industrial space that specializes in fish and seafood

  • Restaurant ida Davidson

  • Meyers deli for cinnamon pastries

  • Almanak a modern take on smorrebrod

  • Bror- reasonably priced, creative “new nordic” cuisine

  • Almanak - waterfront restaurant for lunch..near the standard go visit standard!

  • Gronbech & Churchill

  • Miekke & hurtigkarl

  • Aamanns Deli & Take Away: smørrebrød, the classic Danish open sandwich, is turned into a delicious work of art

  • Royal Smushi Cafe: fusion of sushi and smørrebrød

  • Noma or Amass?

  • sticks & sushi

  • Kokkeriet

  • restaurant Brdr. Price - ask for pulled pork true danish food

  • Kodbyens Fiskebar: if you love fish and shellfish this is the place to go. this area ( the meat packing district, is home to some of the best bars and restaurants in copenhagen).

  • morgenstedet: hidden gem..serves vegetarian food only but even if you are an extreme meat eater this place will surprise you. order chickpea curry

  • *** Dinner and a show**

  • the standard, Wallmans DInner show, ,

  • Markets:

    • Torvehallerne: Ma Poule (charcuterie), and The Coffee Collective

    • Street Food: Anatolia (breakfast), Copper and Wheat (duck fat fries), Ishytten (ice cream)


The Standard

  • Set in an iconic Art Deco building in Copenhagen, The Standard was created by the cofounder of Noma Claus Meyer, the renowned chef Meyers Madhus and jazz musician Niels Lan Doky. The building is immense and offers four distinct dining experiences: modern Danish cuisine at Almanak, Nordic gastronomy at the Studio, contemporary Pan-Indian cuisine at Verandah, and international jazz performances at the Jazzclub. With each setting focused on top quality gastronomy, this eclectic range of experiences is one of the most exciting aspects of The Standard, lurring locals and travellers to visit again and again. The Jazzclub offers unique performances by some of the world’s best musicians in an intimate 68 seat setting.


Restaurants open on Sundays:

  • Host

  • Scarpetta

  • Bror

  • retour steak

  • Mother

  • tony’s

  • Biomio

  • Mash (good steak)

  • Les trois cochons


Traditional Danish lunches :

  • Aamanns

  • Ida Davidson

  • Koefoed

  • lumskebugten

  • Royal smushi


Cocktail bars/Clubs

  • **Ruby: the city's hippest and most forward-looking cocktail bar being housed in a listed townhouse from the 1700s

  • Curfew: “new kid on the block” in Vesterbro, modern speakeasy

  • 1656

  • Bar 25: decadence and elegance

  • Lidkoeb- classy cocktails

  • Dunkel: one of the best clubs

  • Sticks’n’Sushi Tivoli Hotel: sushi, cocktails, view

  • Zoo Bar: open late, 2am on Thursday and 4am on the weekends, glitter, glam, and cool DJs

  • Woodstock Cafe

  • Aamanns - go for smorrebrod

  • Kanalcafeen - old Copenhagen

  • Bakken

  • Freddy’s

  • Mikropolis- creative cocktails

  • Barking dog - good spot to finish the night off

  • Kodbyen - night life hub

  • McKluud - a local favorite and great way to start the night


Stuff to see:

  • Borgs (palaces): Rosenborg and/or Christiansborg

  • Tivoli Gardens - amusement park and gardens, not the cheapest attraction in copenhagen but is a must see! walt disney came here for inspiration and michael jackson wanted to buy it! lively in summer a full access pass you will want to try all the rides and the det gyldne tarn ( the golden tower)

  • little mermaid statue

  • Rosenburg castle; make sure to check out the kings garden

  • casino

  • straget for shopping

  • Kronborg castle

  • louisiana museum of modern art ; check out andy warhol collection

  • chrstiansborg palace ; danish royal family, visit the old ruins, get guide and check out the parliament?

  • islands brygge: one of the preferred places to relax during the summer. A local favorite for the younger crowd of copenhagen, easy way to mingle with locals!

  • Nyhavn : good option if visiting in summer afternoon where sun makes it too warm to stroll around; its relaxing and re-engergizing to do canal tour. great way to tour the city in a different way

  • Bike around Vesterbro, the city’s hip area, also good nightlife and wide range of restaurants.

    • Visit Art Rebels (17-19 Flaesketorvet): small boutique​​​​​​​