ADP’s COVID Game Plan


**Alexa received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as of April 26th, 2021 and received the booster on December 8th, 2021**

Safety + compliance have always been my #1 priority during this unprecedented time. I pivoted my business to 100% virtual at the beginning of this crisis + followed all of the stay-at-home orders outlined by our state. I relaunched outdoor photoshoots on June 10th, 2020 + in-home photoshoots on July 6th, 2020. As I reopened my business, I did so with caution + adhered to the below guidelines, to ensure we all worked together safely.

As vaccinations roll out and new variants emerge, the safety policies + procedures I initially implemented will be continuously updated based on the changing state of COVID and advice from the CDC. Please review these updates below:

Update as of January 2022: In response to the Omicron surge, all policies implemented during the Delta wave will remain in effect, in addition to some new policies. I will be double masking at all indoor sessions, with both a KN95 and cloth mask. As always, I will be sanitizing my hands throughout the shoot. If requested, I will happily take a rapid test, provided by clients, upon my arrival at the shoot and before entering client's homes.

Update as of August 2021: Due to the rise in Delta variant covid cases, all clients will be asked to confirm that all adults who will be present during their shoot, and are medically able to be, are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This minor change in ADP’s safety policy is being implemented in an effort to keep everyone safe and transmission down, particularly among babies/children who are unable to receive the vaccine.

Update as of June 2021: If all adults in your family are vaccinated, facemasks will be optional for outdoor photoshoots. I am more than happy to continue wearing my facemask outdoors, but will discuss with each family whether they'd like me to keep my facemask on during the session or remove it. I will happily oblige either request based on everyone's comfort level. I will continue wearing my facemask for all indoor photoshoots, including at newborn sessions and headshots.



My calendar is currently open + available for bookings.  A specific date will be selected + confirmed upon receipt of the deposit at the time of booking, but with the understanding that the shoot date may shift based on any changes to stay-at-home orders or shifts in phases issued by NYS.

I will be driving myself to every photoshoot, which will help me avoid using public transportation/Uber which can increase risk of exposure.



I’m a hugger so this one is a toughie, but all families will be greeted with air hugs + a wave from a safe distance. Social distancing of at least 6 feet + facemasks will be required while walking to our shoot location during all outdoor sessions. 

Once we arrive at the shoot location, families can remove their facemasks + should maintain social distancing from me. I understand that young children may not completely understand this rule so I will do my best to keep my distance while they're running around having fun!

All posing will be directed by me from a safe distance of at least 6 feet. I will do my best to articulate exactly how to position yourself + your family, as well as note when clothing or hair needs rearranging.

During the session, families typically like to look at a few photos from the back of my camera (to make sure they love how they look obviously!). This will still be permitted, however facemasks will be required to be put back on. I will hold the camera and scroll through the photos myself while you look through some sample photos.



Prior to my arrival, please wipe down surfaces throughout the living room + bedrooms with disinfectant. For newborn sessions, key surfaces include the living room coffee table, master bedroom dresser, + all door handles. For cake smash sessions, the key area is the living room floor where I plan to lay out my backdrop.

Upon my arrival, I will immediately wash my hands + continue to wash my hands frequently throughout the shoot (this is something I've be doing before times of COVID so this procedure is nothing new!). Please have facemasks on as I arrive at your home, while we are greeting each other, + preparing to begin the shoot.  Once we begin shooting, your facemasks can of course be removed, however I will wear my facemask during the entirety of the session. When you are not being photographed, during solo shots of the children for example, please put your facemasks back on.

For newborn sessions, I will swaddle the baby myself before we begin shooting but will leave all shushing, rocking, + other forms of soothing the baby to you in order to keep a distance as much as possible during the session.

All other procedures listed in the 'outdoor shoot' section should be followed for indoor sessions.


If you or a family member experience any of the following symptoms within 48 hours of your session it is important that you call, text, or email me to reschedule your session:

  • fever of 100.4 or higher
  • experiencing a cough, shortness of breath +/or sore throat
  • have had new loss of taste or smell
  • have been vomiting or had diarrhea in the last 24 hours
  • been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19

There is no fee for having to reschedule! This is for everyone’s health + safety.


Thank you so much for your continued support + understanding during this challenging time.


With love,

Alexa Drew